Stylists' Top Tips for Winter Hair

Cold, dry weather can put stress on the health of our hair. Rain and humidity cause frizz and other issues. Hair's Inn's stylists weigh in on the best ways to keep hair healthy and tame for ordinary winter days and holiday events!


For high impact with minimal everyday effort, Mia, Grace and Anise all recommend getting lowlights. Your hair is naturally darker in the winter because of less sun, so mimicking that with your salon color services gives a subtle, real effect. The shadows and darker warm tones help bring life to your complexion when the weather can make you look washed out and pale. Ask about lowlights during your next color appointment!

Moisturize with styling products and treatments

Cold temperatures and wind can dry out hair even when keeping up with your regular regimen. This is why Anise and Grace think winter is the perfect time to add some moisture to your hair. Susan-Marie also recommends finding products that have both moisture and protein to maintain balance.

If your hair already feels dry and needs nourishment, Mia and Gabby recommend using a mask or treatment. There are options for at home, and also in the shampoo bowl at your next appointment. When you're in a rush, Susan-Marie's go-to is a product with a higher shine to brighten dull, dry hair.

Avoid rain and use dehumidifying products

Having issues with frizz? Gabby says it's best to stay out of the rain in the first place! Bring an umbrella or hat to protect your hair. If humidity causes issues regardless, the solution lies in the product! Examples include a light oil, anti-humidity spray or defrizz gel. Ask for recommendations at your next appointment.