Learn More About Levels

The level system is standard across the hair industry and helps our guests pick which stylist is best for their needs and budget! As stylists get further in their career and advance their skills, their level moves up to reflect their expertise and pricing.

Yuri completed Hair's Inn's most recent level up! After over a decade in the industry, Yuri has reached the level of mastery, known as level 4. Stylists with even more experience may be level 4A, 4AA or 5. Other high level stylists at Hair’s Inn include Susan-Marie and Kari.

How are levels assigned?

  • Associate: assisting other stylists
  • Level 1: new stylist
  • Level 2-3: mid-tier stylist
  • Level 4+: master stylist

Stylists may start working at different levels at Hair’s Inn due to their past experience, or start as an associate. Associates may still be in cosmetology school or have recently graduated. They often assistant our other stylists and learn while on the job!

Once stylists can take their own guests, they are considered level 1. Because they’re still learning and may be slower, their pricing is the most affordable. This is a great option for our guests on a budget, or who want to help in stylist education!

As stylists accrue more skills, complete their work faster and take on more challenging services, they reach the mid tier levels (level 2 and 3). After growing confident and talented in these more advanced skills, they reach mastery (level 4 and beyond).

How do I pick which level stylist to go to?

At the end of the day, regardless of level, all of our stylists provide high quality customer service and results! This means there’s no wrong choice. However, factors to consider include budget, time available and type/difficulty of service. More complex services such as color corrections, emergency hair repair, or artistic color work are best suited for our stylists with more expertise.

If you are still stumped, our front desk staff are more than happy to help you figure out which stylists is the best for your needs! Call anytime and they will provide their advice based on not just the level system, but also the specialities of our individual stylists.